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Getting help if your dog has separation anxiety

Can Dog Training Help with Separation Anxiety?

If your dog act distressed or gets destructive when everyone leaves the house, they’re probably suffering from separation anxiety – and dog training can help your furry friend learn how to cope. When training a dog with separation anxiety, the goal is to help them gain confidence and feel secure enough to better tolerate being left alone. With moderate to… Read more →

How to get your dog to stop pulling on the leash

Dog Training Guide to Using a Leash

Dog training is one of the best – and most effective – ways to ensure that walks on the leash are stress-free for you and your pet. Whether you have a new puppy who’s new to the concept of using a leash or an older pooch who never learned how to walk nicely instead of pulling you along, getting your… Read more →

Malinois. True Talk.

This is one of those touchy subjects where a small percentage of folks respond with, “AMEN!” While another group of folks respond with, “she’s just being elitest and on a soap box about her breed.” I have belgian malinois. They are one of my favorite breeds, but I struggle to say that they are MY breed. I have a lot… Read more →

How SoCal got it’s PSA back

PSA. Protection Sports Association. “Founded in 2001, PSA is the premiere surprise scenario protection sport in North America, and is quickly growing in popularity and participation worldwide. PSA combines precision obedience tests under decoy distraction, found nowhere else in dog sports, with high pressure surprise scenario based protection to test the nerve and clarity of protection dogs as well as… Read more →