Benefits of Dog Bootcamps & Board-and-Train Programs

Given the amount of time and care involved, dog board-and-train programs or boot camps aren’t typically a low-cost training option. However, you definitely get what you pay for – and the truth is, live-in boarding and training offers several advantages.

If you’re frustrated with your dog’s behavior and your training efforts haven’t been all that successful, a dog board-and-train program might be the best solution. Read on to see how you and your furry friend can benefit from boot camp.

Are dog bootcamp programs effective?

Helping Canines Master Basic Training Skills

You want your dog to be well-behaved. But dog training is a skill, one that you may not have time to learn – and that’s where a dog board-and-train program comes in.

At dog boot camp, professional trainers work on basic commands and behaviors. The immersive experience can help with housebreaking, crate training, leash training and more, providing the results you’re looking for.

Addressing Bad Habits and Behavior Problems

Is your pooch always barking? Snatching food from the counters? Running out the door? Jumping on guests? Whatever type of unwanted behavior you’re dealing with, a dog boot camp can help bring it to a stop.

In the hands of an experienced professional dog trainer, your tail-wagger will come to understand how they’re expected to behave. Bad habits take time and effort to break, but the goal is achievable with a live-in boarding and training program.

Setting Dog Owners Up for Success at Home

At boot camp, your furry family member can learn new skills and stop exhibiting problem behaviors – but what happens when the program is over? How do you go about helping your pooch make the transition from boot camp back to your home?

With the right program, this isn’t a concern. Some professional trainers, including the team here at The Driven Dog, include follow-up training in the cost of their boot camp programs. You won’t be left wondering how to reinforce the skills we’ve worked on. Instead, you can consider the live-in boarding and training program to be a beginning, a partnership between you, your dog and our professional trainers.

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