Board & Train

The Driven Dog offers dog board and train in Long Beach, including both dog and puppy boot camps.

The focused one-on-one interaction opportunities of live-in training and boot camps allow our expert trainers to make significant strides in imparting new skills and overcoming unwanted behaviors. Our ability to establish a relationship of trust and mutual communication with your pet allows us to produce the results you seek quickly and effectively.

We work closely with every client to learn about your challenges and goals. With that information in hand, we tailor our intensive training programs to help you achieve your objectives.

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Dog Boot Camp in Long Beach

Clients bring their pets to our Long Beach dog boot camps for a variety of reasons. We work with behavioral problems such as barking, separation anxiety, fearfulness, and aggression. We also use this training platform to teach obedience and other specialized skills.

We work with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Our depth of knowledge and experience allows us to produce results that are difficult or impossible to achieve otherwise. Without the distractions present in the home or in a group class scenario, we have the ability to achieve our training goals in the shortest amount of time.


Puppy Board and Train Boot Camps

Give your new pet a solid foundation for life with our puppy boot camps and board and train programs.

If you are struggling with house training problems or other unwanted behaviors, our trainers can transform your puppy into a well-behaved member of your household. We take this opportunity to work on crate training, leash skills, basic obedience, and more.

Puppy Board and train programs establish the behaviors you seek in your new furry friend but you must continue to work with your dog once he gets home. We spend the time it takes to show you how. When you and your family employ these skills with consistency, your new pet will grow to be a valued member of your household.


Long Beach Dog Boarding & Training

Our state-of-the-art long beach dog boarding facility is the ideal location for live-in boarding and training. Your pet will be in the most experienced, capable hands with us. Our approach recognizes your pet as an individual and we provide the training that best suits his needs and personality. We use positive reinforcement and other proven strategies to enhance communication and trust.

Before you trust your pet to just any boarding and training facility, give us a call to learn more about our approach. You can read some of our customer reviews to see how we’ve helped past clients and the dedication we have to help every dog and pet owner enjoy the best possible relationship.

Contact The Driven Dog today to request information about our puppy and dog board and train in Long Beach.