Brining Your Puppy In For Training? Here’s What to Expect

If your family just got a puppy, professional puppy training can help your new furry friend become a well-behaved and well-adjusted companion. Working directly with a professional dog trainer is quite beneficial for your pet – and for you. Here, we explain the ins and outs of puppy training.

Choosing the best puppy training

Preparing for Puppy Training

Before you bring your new pup in for training, they’ll need to get all of the necessary vaccinations. Be prepared to supply their veterinarian records – the dog trainer can’t just take your word that yours has had its shots.

You may also need to make a stop at the local pet store beforehand. Ask to be sure, but the supplies required could include a collar with identification, a non-retractable leash and treats to use for motivation.

What Your Puppy Will Learn

Puppy training typically starts with basic obedience and socialization skills. The professional dog trainer will likely work to help your little furry friend learn how to:

  • Respond to simple commands
  • Properly greet and behave around other people
  • Overcome fear in social situations
  • Get along with other dogs
  • Walk on a leash without tugging

How Puppy Training Benefits You 

Puppy training classes aren’t just for your new furry family member – it’s also designed to help you learn strategies for working with your pet. Continuing with the training at home is essential for future success, so the professional dog trainer may want you to be involved. Follow their guidance, and you’ll come away knowing the right way communicate with your pup in order to achieve results.

Private Puppy Training and Other Options 

Utilizing our private training sessions means we can work around your schedule. Plus, many dog owners prefer the uninterrupted, one-on-one interaction over group training. Board-and-train boot camp might also be worthy of your consideration — particularly if your new puppy is shy, anxious or aggressive — as an all-inclusive program offers a more advanced level of training.

Are you looking for an experienced professional dog trainer in Long Beach or the greater southern California area? The Driven Dog is here to meet your needs, and after more than ten years of working with pet owners, our team knows how to make dog training both fun and effective.

For information on how we help dogs learn new skills – or to sign up for private training classes, our board-and-train boot camp program or group puppy training classes in Long Beach, contact The Driven Dog today.