Keeping it Real about Board and Trains.

My most popular requests these days, are typically Long Beach CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen) training or evaluation, or Long Beach dog aggression cases. I have always enjoyed training for the CGC, and especially after AKC decided that it would be an official title a dog could come away with, it has been especially fun for pet owners to set… Read more →

Malinois. True Talk.

This is one of those touchy subjects where a small percentage of folks respond with, “AMEN!” While another group of folks respond with, “she’s just being elitest and on a soap box about her breed.” I have belgian malinois. They are one of my favorite breeds, but I struggle to say that they are MY breed. I have a lot… Read more →

How SoCal got it’s PSA back

PSA. Protection Sports Association. “Founded in 2001, PSA is the premiere surprise scenario protection sport in North America, and is quickly growing in popularity and participation worldwide. PSA combines precision obedience tests under decoy distraction, found nowhere else in dog sports, with high pressure surprise scenario based protection to test the nerve and clarity of protection dogs as well as… Read more →

Dog Training, Dog Aggression

Blame it on age, diet, stress, whatever… I started getting acid reflux recently. For those of you that don’t know, let this humble Long Beach dog trainer tell you what this hell is like… It feels like I vomit pure stomach acid. As a matter of fact, I think medically speaking, that’s exactly what happened. It came up into my… Read more →

The Death Of Dog Training

By Adrienne Mesko¬†   I went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up some stuff for the house. I have been doing a ton of work these days in stores like Home Depot and Tractor Supply, they are gracious enough to let well behaved dogs in. I’m training pet dogs, so these kind of stores provide excellent training challenges for… Read more →

Just Say No.

This post is inspired by my sister, who recently moved out here to LA for grad school. Just prior to her move out here, someone dumped a 7 month old malinois at my shop, Whiskers N’ Tails. She was never socialized, skittish and overall distrusting of everyone, and no one could blame her. Add your typical malinois breed characteristics on… Read more →

Muzzle is not a bad word.

Seriously, it’s not. It’s not just bad dogs that wear them, and it’s not just bad dogs that should be trained to wear a muzzle either. So when might a dog need to wear a muzzle? If your dog is stressed out and may do what dogs do, which is use their mouth and teeth to communicate. This could include:… Read more →

Driving with your dog, safely.

Five days ago, I got into a car accident with my dog. I travel frequently with at least one of my dogs with me, whether it’s to and from training, or just heading out to demo and schmooze and explore new neighborhoods. I almost never travel with any dogs loose in the car. I drive (drove) a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander,… Read more →

Small dogs suck, am I right?!

So a few days ago I saw this link posted on Facebook, about the 3 most aggressive dog breeds, and how it may surprise me. Of course I clicked it, to find out if indeed I would be surprised. I really wasn’t surprised, at all. What a let down. (Also, if you aren’t already, follow The Driven Dog on Facebook,… Read more →