Dog Trainer Advice on Adding a Second Furry Friend to Your Family

Getting ready to adopt a second pooch? As professional dog trainers, we definitely understand why people love having more than one furry family member – and we also know that successfully adding another dog to your current pack can sometimes pose a challenge.

With that in mind, the experienced team at The Driven Dog would like to share our best tips on how to make sure the transition to a multi-pet household goes as smoothly as possible. Before you begin your search for a new furry friend, check out our dog trainers’ advice.

Long Beach Dog Trainer Tips


Make Sure Your Dog is Ready for a New Friend

Does your dog get along well with others? If you’re not sure, set up a few play dates with well-mannered canines. Better yet, find a reputable local dog trainer and sign up for group classes. That way, you can address any behavioral issues ahead of time.

Choose a Playmate with the Right Personality

You’re going to want your two canines to be compatible, so you’ll need to take care in choosing your new furry family member. Consider the age, size, energy level and personality of the pooch you already have, and look for a playmate with complementary traits.

Don’t Expect Instant Love and Friendship

When you bring home a second pooch, there will be an adjustment period. For the first several days, keep careful watch over both animals and expect altercations. After a few weeks, they should be accustomed to one another – and if you’re still having issues, consider reaching out to a professional trainer for assistance.

Provide Plenty of Individual Attention

Canines are like children in that they need individual attention. Make sure your new pooch doesn’t get too much of the spotlight – spend plenty of time interacting with both pets separately. But, you should also take walks together and encourage positive interactions between the dogs.

Get Help from a Professional Dog Trainer

If the harmonious multi-pet household of your dreams doesn’t seem to be coming to life, don’t give up hope. Getting two canines to get along like buddies can take a great deal of time and effort. However, working with an experienced dog trainer can make the process easier on everyone.

The professional trainers at The Driven Dog have been helping families in Long Beach and the greater southern California for over a decade, and we’d love to assist you in making the transition to a multi-pet household. We offer group classes, private training sessions, board-and-train boot camps and specialized programs, and our positive, balanced training methods are proven to achieve outstanding results.

For more tips on successfully bringing a new furry friend into your family, or to learn about our professional dog trainer services, contact The Driven Dog in Long Beach, CA, today.