Private Dog Training Sessions or Group Classes – Which is better?

If you need expert assistance with dog training, are private sessions the right choice? Or should you sign your furry family member up for group classes? What about board and train programs?

Private sessions – with just you, your pooch and a professional trainer – are more expensive than group classes, but for some pets, they’re the better solution. That said, group sessions can be quite effective, and many people enjoy training with other dogs and their owners. Board and train programs are the full package, truly hiring a dog trainer to train your dog. Here’s what you need to know to figure out which training approach is best for you and your dog.

Dog training classes in Long Beach

Board and Train Programs

Board and train programs are all inclusive programs that some trainers offer. Here at The Driven Dog, it is one of our most successful programs because you are truly hiring the trainer to train your dog. This is a perfect option if:

  • You have an extremely shy or anxious dog that has a hard time with even some of your daily routines and activities
  • Your pup has any behavioral issues including aggression or reactivity towards people or dogs
  • You have a busy household or work schedule
  • You want a consistent level of advanced training

Private Dog Training Sessions

Many professional trainers – including the team here at The Driven Dog – offer private sessions at their location or at your home. This type of training may be your best bet if any of the following are true:

  • You have a shy or anxious pooch who is likely to have difficulty learning in a group setting
  • Your furry friend already understands the basics and you’re ready for more advanced dog training
  • Your dog has special needs or behavioral issues, that would be more effectively addressed in private sessions
  • Your schedule prevents you from participating in group classes

Group Dog Training Classes

As we already mentioned, group classes are more budget-friendly than private sessions. But cost isn’t the only reason to consider training your dog with a group of others – taking this approach can be a smart move if:

  • You just got a new furry friend and want a professional trainer to teach your pooch basic skills
  • Your dog lacks socialization skills and needs to learn how to interact with both different people and other animals
  • You’re available at the time your professional trainer has group classes scheduled

Get Expert Advice on Dog Training

If you can’t decide between board and train programs, private sessions and group classes, talking to an experienced professional trainer can help.

The Driven Dog, based in Long Beach and serving the greater southern California area, offers a range of training solutions to meet every pet owner’s needs and budget. Our experienced professional trainers achieve results through positive reinforcement, and we believe making dog training fun – you can count on your pooch learning the skills they need and enjoying their time with us.

We’re happy to answer your questions, and we’d love to assist you in finding the right training option for you and your furry four-legged friend. For more information on our private sessions, group classes and board and train programs in Long Beach, California – or to sign your pooch up for dog training with a trusted professional trainer – contact The Driven Dog today.