Puppy Training

In Long Beach, puppy training classes and boot camps at The Driven Dog deliver the exceptional results you seek.

It’s never too early to start training your pup, to help avoid the development of bad habits and unwanted behaviors. We offer group classes, individual sessions, and board and train programs. We work with you to develop a training program that makes sense for you and your new pet.

Our commitment to education, communication, and balance produces amazing results. Our puppy trainers focus on having fun, relaxing, and teaching you the best ways to communicate with your new pet.



Puppy Training Classes in Long Beach

Group puppy training should never be stressful or uncomfortable for you or your pet. We ensure the best experience possible by keeping our classes small and casual. Your pup will have the opportunity to meet new people and other dogs, which helps him develop healthy socialization skills. This environment also helps your pet develop a balanced sense of awareness while overcoming inclinations of fear.

You will learn as much as your pet when you come to The Driven Dog for your puppy obedience training. The key to your future success is learning how to continue your training work at home. When you and other members of your household provide clear and consistent communication, your dog will respond in ways you never imagined.


Private Puppy Training

Private puppy training – at our location or yours – provides you with the opportunity to have uninterrupted, one-on-one interaction with your instructor. You can focus on the skills and behaviors that are important to you and learn the right way to communicate with your dog.

Establishing strong communication with your puppy is the key to success in any training endeavor. Whether you simply want to focus on basic obedience and manners or if you have plans to show, compete or pursue therapy dog status, we know how to achieve your goals.


Long Beach Puppy Boot Camps

For a more intense training experience, consider scheduling your new pup for a board and train session. These boot camp-style programs are all-inclusive and help get the results you want quickly and easily.

In our busy world, many pet owners don’t have the time to spend training a new pet. Crate training, teaching your pup to walk on a leash and house training are just some of the skills we focus on. We work on socialization skills and basic commands, teaching your puppy how to become a valuable member of your family.

We work with all breeds of puppies and dogs. The right age for starting puppy obedience training is, in most cases, as soon as you bring your new pet home. We would be happy to talk with you and learn more about your new pet, so we can recommend the best approach for getting his training underway.

Contact The Driven Dog today to learn why our clients call us the best puppy trainer in Long Beach.