A Reliable Dog Trainer in Long Beach, California


If you’re looking for a dog trainer in Long Beach, look no further than The Driven Dog.

We use a unique approach based on education, communication, balance, and positive reinforcement. We tailor our approach around your needs and those of your pet, to create the results you and your dog deserve.

Dog training should be fun for both you and your pet.


Dog training sessions in park


Your Long Beach Dog & Puppy Training Experts

We use proven, established training methods to achieve exceptional results. Whether you’re looking for basic obedience, socialization, or a solution to behavioral problems, we can help.

We offer group classes and private training in our location or yours. We also offer comprehensive board and train programs as well as dog and puppy boot camps. If you’re interested in competing with your pet, we can help you with that goal too.

Ask us about the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and our advanced therapy dog training options too.




Puppy Training in Long Beach

Did you recently add a new puppy to your household? We can help you with group puppy classes and individual sessions as well as puppy board and train options. This provides the structure your pup needs, along with teaching him basic obedience and manners. Crate training, house training, and leash training will all help your new pet adapt to life in your home.

Puppy training classes also provide critical opportunities for socialization, both with other dogs and with humans. This can help prevent behavioral problems such as fear and aggression and provide your pet with important life skills.


Board & Train in Long Beach

We are known throughout the industry for our intensive board and train programs. Your pet will stay at our facility and work extensively with a trainer in a one-on-one setting. This provides us with the best opportunity to fast-track your pet’s learning and sets you up for a successful transformation back into the home.

All of our board and train programs include extensive follow up with group or individual sessions. We teach you the right way to reinforce and continue your pet’s training so that he doesn’t backslide or develop bad habits or unwanted behaviors.

Contact The Driven Dog today to learn more about our extensive options for dog and puppy training in Long Beach.